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Selected Packages

  1. Equate,
    The R package equate (Albano, 2011) contains functions for non-IRT equating under
    random groups and nonequivalent groups designs. This package vignette introduces
    these designs and provides an overview of statistical equating with details about each
    of the supported equating methods. Examples demonstrate the basic functionality of
    the package

  2. sem
    This package contains functions for fitting general linear
    structural equation models (with observed and unobserved
    variables) using the RAM approach, and for fitting structural
    equations in observed-variable models by two-stage least squares

  3. RMySQL
    Database interface and MySQL driver for R. This version complies with the database interface definition as implemented in the package DBI 0.2-2.
    Ubuntu Installation :  apt-get install r-cran-rmysql